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How to Clean A Digital Watch

January 27, 2008

 Digital Watch

Last but not least we have the now retro digital watch. The digital watch movement  is simply a small computer chip that runs on a small battery cell. The liquid crystal display of the watch can be all different colors on the display.  The watches can perform a multitude of functions from TV remote controls, calculator, and digital cameras which are all extremely cool and unique. These space aged movements are not cleaned like any other movements, however, their movements are simply removed. Then the movement is cleaned and soaked in a simple solution for a period of time and that is how we clean a digital watch.  Read more about Cleaning Watches

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How To Clean A Automatic-Wind Up Watch

January 26, 2008

Automatic/ Wind Up Movement

Automatic/Wind Up Watch Movement

This watch movement is obviously one of the first watch movements that was ever on the market. The wind up or Automatic movement is a favorite of collectors, enthusiasts, and true aficionados everywhere.  The movement is still used today in some higher end watches that are available on the market today. The two are similar in theory, however, the main difference is that the automatic watch has a counterweight inside that spins around when the wearer movement. This ingeniously designed movement winds up a spring, thus storing energy that inevitably fuels energy for the watch to function. The only drawback to the automatic is that this style of watch must be worn on a daily basis in order to maintain a charge. The energy of the wind up, however, is simply used as stated it is manually wound up. See Introduction to Cleaning Watches

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Alwand Vahan Featured in AY Magazine in February 2008

January 23, 2008

AY Magazine

Alwand Vahan and Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry is pleased to announce that the world famous sterling silver, 14kt gold, and diamond bracelets will be a featured product in Active Years Magazine/ AY Magazine. The latest designs will be a featured product in their February edition. The line can be viewed in person at Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Ring Sizing Beads…Ring Sizing Alternatives

January 18, 2008

Ring Sizing Beads

For some of us a arthritic shank is either to expensive or not practical so sizing beads or speed bumps are the next step in how to properly handle the situation. The sizing beads are simply that, gold or platinum beads placed inside the bottom of the ring shank. This allows the ring to gently glide over the knuckle while still being able to help the ring sit upright on the finger. The process also minimizes the movement of the ring on the finger. This allows the rings to stop twisting and rolling on the finger which is a common problem associated with arthritis or the most unique finger condition. Read more @

How to Size a Ring

January 17, 2008

Ring Sizing

At Jones & Son we perform the finest repair. A ring being sized will first be cleaned of any dirt or oils in one of our many ultrasonic baths followed by a thorough steam cleaning. Then one of our Master Jewelers will cut the bottom of the ring, or shank. This area of the ring is first cut and then filed until it is smooth. There are two ways of ring sizing, and they are sizing up and down. When a ring is sized up a small piece of precious metal is inserted into an area that is cut open and next a professional jewelers torch solders the piece into place. Then to size a ring down you first cut out the piece of desired metal, then file, and simply solder the piece back into place. Then on both up and down ring sizing our Master Jewelers then file, sand, and polish the ring thus essentially smoothing the ring to the original unnoticeable state. We then finish off the process with cleaning the ring and checking any stones to make sure they are secure in the mounting and fully inspect the ring before the customer is notified that the ring is ready.

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Cultured Pearl Care and Cleaning

January 16, 2008

Pearl Guide 

Cultured Pearl Care and Cleaning

Pearls are soft and delicate, but with special attention and care, your pearls will maintain their luster for centuries. When buying pearls, choose those with thick nacre to help them withstand wear over time. In a strand, make sure there is a knot between each pearl to prevent rubbing and to ensure that only one pearl will drop if the string breaks. Have your jeweler re-string your pearls every couple of years, especially if you wear them often. The silk thread used to tie them together breaks down over time. To avoid scratches, nicks or chipping in the soft nacre, keep pearls separate from other precious metals or gemstones by storing them in a cloth pouch or jewelry bag.

Keep pearls away from household chemicals such as hair spray, cosmetics, perfume, alcohol, chlorinated water or other harsh chemicals, which can cause spots and blotches and dull their luster over time. To avoid these effects, pearls should be the last item put on when dressing and the first item removed after returning home. Because the body’s natural oils keep them lustrous, one of the best ways to care for pearls is to wear them often.

Pearls contain an organic material called conchiolin. In time, this material will dry out, and high temperatures will destroy it. Perspiration sometimes contains acid that may dissolve the aragonite crystals making up the layers of nacre. Therefore, wash and dry your pearl jewelry gently after you wear it.

Wash cultured pearls in very mild, soapy water and nothing else. Wipe them with a soft cloth before storing them.

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Tales and Legends of the Black Pearl

January 15, 2008


Tales and Legends of the Black Pearl

For centuries, the island of Tahiti evoked a mythical paradise. Today, one of nature’s magnificent creations grew in the turquoise-colored lagoons of these islands and atolls. That creation is Tahitian black pearl, jewel of the sea, a living symbol of purity and perfection. Long before Westerners discovered Tahiti, the black pearl had a reputation for exceptional value and rarity, enhanced by its use in Jewelry of the world’s Royalty and Nobility. As such, natural black pearl was known as the “Pearl of Queens” and the “Queen of Pearls”, its wonder inspiring many questions among people, centuries ago. But their lack of scientific precision led them to improvise with legend and poetry. Thus, ancient Chinese believed that Pearls were conceived in the brains of dragons.

In imperial China, natural black pearl was regarded as a symbol of wisdom. As such, it was guarded between the teeth of a dragon. Hindu writers linked Pearls with clouds, elephants, snakes, wild boars, fish and sometimes oysters. Greeks and Romans thought Pearls were born from a drop of rain or dew having collected by oysters. Persians believed that an imperfect pearl was due to a thundering sky. A more colorful version says Pearls result from the meeting of a rainbow with the earth.

In the Orient, Pearls are associated with the tears of angels, mermaids or mythical nymphs. Ceylon legend tells how the tears of Adam and Eve created a lake that gave birth to pearls –white or pink pearls from Eve’s tears, and more precious and rare grey and black pearls from Adam’s tears. Why the difference?  Man knows better how to control his emotions, according to the legend. Therefore, his tears are more valuable. According to ancient Polynesian legends handed down from one generation to the next, Oro, Polynesian god of war and peace, came down to earth, on a rainbow to offer a special type of pearl oyster to mankind.

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The History of Black Diamonds

January 12, 2008

Black Diamond Necklace 

The History of Black Diamonds

In medieval Italy, the Black Diamond was seen as the “stone of reconciliation”. Wave a Black Diamond in the face of the spouse with whom you’ve just had a spat…and all will be well again. A rather expensive way to patch things up you may well say. I say, for those of you going to therapy…trying to work your way through things…try a Black Diamond.

Let us leave the world of myth however, and enter into a brief history of reality. The Black Orloff…also known as the “Eye of Brahma”. This stone gets its name from the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orloff who owned it during the mid-eighteenth century. It was also part of a shrine in India in the nineteenth century. It was exhibited, in the early fifties, at the American Museum of Natural History. It is the most famous of the Black Diamonds. It is a cushion shape, weighing 67.50 carats. Once owned by Harry Winston, it was sold, mounted in platinum, for $300,000.00. Later, Sotheby’s New York acquired it and sold it for around $100,000.00. Clearly, the steal of the century folks.

Amsterdam is in the Northern most part of Europe and home to the Amsterdam Diamond. This diamond is a Pear Shape stone weighing 55.85 carats and given this name in honor of the city of Amsterdam’s 700 anniversary.

And then there’s the Black Star of Africa…a 202 carat stone which is deemed to be the largest colored-diamond in the world. It was on exhibit in Tokyo in 1971 and was valued at 1.2 million dollars U.S.

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About Diamond Rough

January 12, 2008

Rough Diamond 

About Diamond Rough  

Diamonds are formed one million miles below the earth’s surface and were created by nature over 3.4 billion years ago. They are the oldest substance known today. The diamonds that you will see at Jones & Son are the end result of many years of formulation beneath the earth’s surface, years of mining and a lot of time that has been spent cutting the diamonds. When a diamond makes it to one of the world’s major cutting Meccas the magic begins. The diamond is shaped from it’s original form sown below the octahedral crystal. Only about 40-60% of the original diamond rough is retained in the polished product. The diamond goes through a stringent process to be properly cut. Cleaving, shaping or bruting, and the final touch or stages of the faceting process. This creates the fully faceted product that is used in the quality diamond jewelry that our customers have embraced through the years giving us the slogan, ” The Best is All We Have to Offer.”

Spark Creations Now Available at Jones and Son

January 5, 2008

Spark Creations available at Jones and Son

Spark Creations and Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry have established a strategic partnership to bring the world renound designs to the greater Little Rock area. Spark has been the leader in jewelry manufacturing for years and Jones and Son is proud to be selected amongst the elite group of retailers in America to become a part of the Spark family of jewelers.