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Tacori’s New 2008 Collection As Seen in Arkansas Bride Magazine

March 13, 2008

New Tacori 2008 collection

Tacori rings are featured in this months edition of Arkansas Bride magazine. The new micro pave crescent silhouette rings are featured in 18kt white gold and platinum. The rings are a part of the new 2008 Tacori Collection and are available today at Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas. Read more at or at


The Soldiers Valentines Surprise!

February 15, 2008

Becca Mitchell Shows Off the Ring!

This was inspired by Major Shane Mitchell who is stationed in the 39th Infantry at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and by the way he is on his way to Iraq. He wanted to really WOW his wife of 18 years this Valentines Day. However, he was unable to be with her to do anything special. He asked his mother what he should do and she suggested a local Little Rock, Arkansas jeweler Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry. She told Jones and Son that her son wanted to buy a diamond for his wife for Valentines Day and wanted to really make her day. That’s where she met Jones. Jones assisted Major Mitchell in selecting a perfectly cut 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond set in white gold.

Then came the question Jones asked Major Mitchell, “How are you going to give it to her.” The two put their heads together and came up with a way for Mitchell to see her reaction. Together they came up with a way for Mitchell to see her reaction while not being there, so they can share in the moment together while apart. So Mitchell wrote a message and bought her Godiva chocolate to accompany the 1 Carat Diamond and he asked Jones to present it to her. Jones came up with the idea to add it to his family’s jewelry store website on the homepage for Mitchell as well as his friends and family to all share in the moment together.

Mitchell said, “It’s something she’ll remember forever and that is important to me.”Major Mitchell’s mother called up the principle of Villonia Elementary the school where Mitchell’s wife, Becca Mitchell works and he allowed Jones to show up with the diamond, the chocolate, and the message with a video camera to film the event and capture the moment forever for the entire Mitchell family.

Jones hid in a closet at the library of the elemtary school where Becca teaches and when she came in with her class walked out and presented her with the ring. Her reaction was tears of suprise and joy and it was a moment that she will remember forever. Read more @

Or read the full story on the Log Cabin Democrat @ or watch the actual video below.

Tales and Legends of the Black Pearl

January 15, 2008


Tales and Legends of the Black Pearl

For centuries, the island of Tahiti evoked a mythical paradise. Today, one of nature’s magnificent creations grew in the turquoise-colored lagoons of these islands and atolls. That creation is Tahitian black pearl, jewel of the sea, a living symbol of purity and perfection. Long before Westerners discovered Tahiti, the black pearl had a reputation for exceptional value and rarity, enhanced by its use in Jewelry of the world’s Royalty and Nobility. As such, natural black pearl was known as the “Pearl of Queens” and the “Queen of Pearls”, its wonder inspiring many questions among people, centuries ago. But their lack of scientific precision led them to improvise with legend and poetry. Thus, ancient Chinese believed that Pearls were conceived in the brains of dragons.

In imperial China, natural black pearl was regarded as a symbol of wisdom. As such, it was guarded between the teeth of a dragon. Hindu writers linked Pearls with clouds, elephants, snakes, wild boars, fish and sometimes oysters. Greeks and Romans thought Pearls were born from a drop of rain or dew having collected by oysters. Persians believed that an imperfect pearl was due to a thundering sky. A more colorful version says Pearls result from the meeting of a rainbow with the earth.

In the Orient, Pearls are associated with the tears of angels, mermaids or mythical nymphs. Ceylon legend tells how the tears of Adam and Eve created a lake that gave birth to pearls –white or pink pearls from Eve’s tears, and more precious and rare grey and black pearls from Adam’s tears. Why the difference?  Man knows better how to control his emotions, according to the legend. Therefore, his tears are more valuable. According to ancient Polynesian legends handed down from one generation to the next, Oro, Polynesian god of war and peace, came down to earth, on a rainbow to offer a special type of pearl oyster to mankind.

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Jones and Son Announces The New Signature Diamond Collection

January 8, 2008

The Signature Diamond Collection at Jones and Son

Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry annouced today that they will be one of the first jewelers in the country to carry the Signature Diamond Collection. “This collection will be a wonderful new addition to the variety of style and design that we carry in our store,” said Mr. Jones of Jones and Son. “we are delighted to expand our DTC Sightholder retail partnership for the 2008 year.”

Jones and Son was one of ten jewelers in the country picked to develop and market this exquisite collection of top quality diamonds. The diamonds are perfectly cut diamonds with top grade brilliance ratings who compete with Lazare Kaplan and Hearts on Fire The collection is now available at Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas. See

Spark Creations Now Available at Jones and Son

January 5, 2008

Spark Creations available at Jones and Son

Spark Creations and Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry have established a strategic partnership to bring the world renound designs to the greater Little Rock area. Spark has been the leader in jewelry manufacturing for years and Jones and Son is proud to be selected amongst the elite group of retailers in America to become a part of the Spark family of jewelers.

We will be closed for New Years! Happy New Year!

December 29, 2007

Happy New Year 2008 

We will be closing early today and closed on Monday, December 31st until Wednesday, January 2nd to re open Thursday, January 3rd, 2008.

Happy New Year! from

We are open Today!

December 26, 2007

Jones and Son is Open!

We will be open normal business hours today: Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 until 5:30 

We will Be Open Sunday December 23rd, 2007

December 23, 2007

Open Sunday December 23rd, 2007 until 5 pm 

 We will be open today: 

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 from 1 pm – 5 pm

Caerleon Jewelry is at the Top of Every Woman’s List

December 18, 2007

Caerleon Rings Top Gift Any Day of The Year!

Caerleon Interchangeable Jewelry consists of the now world famous rings, pendants, earrings, and solid bangle bracelets is a top gift this Holiday Season or any occasion throughout the year! The response has been phenomenal nationwide. David Steinhauer of Caerleon said that sales are up 20% over the last year and Jones and Son is doing extremely well in sales for 2007. 2008 looks to be another wonderful year for this unique and one of a kind jewelry line.

Come into Jones and Son today to view this elegant collection of Caerleon Jewelry today! Jones and Son, The Best is All We Have to Offer!

Tacori Pendants…As Seen in Cosmo

December 17, 2007

Jessica Biel Wears Tacori

Tacori pendants were featured in Cosmopolitan magazine November and December 2007. These pendants have been seen on Linsey Lohan, Jessica Biel, and many other “A list” celebs this past year. You can view the entire Tacori pendant collection at Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry or at .

Lindsey Lohan