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Gelin and Abaci Tension Settings at Jones and Son

December 10, 2007

Gelin and Abaci tension Settings

Gelin and Abaci tension settings are one of the most unique ways to mount and show off the diamond.  The tension settings are extremely cool and properly show off any quality diamond that we have to offer at Jones and Son. Check out our web site or click through to Gelin and Abaci’s site today.

The#1 Gift This Season as Seen on Yahoo!Shopping

December 6, 2007

Three Prong Diamond Earrings

Diamond Stud earrings are one of the top gifts this holiday season.  This year more women are requesting diamond earrings than any other item and that is why viewer voted the diamond stud earring the #1 requested jewelry item this holiday season. Come in Jones & Son today and view the largest diamond stud selection in Central Arkansas.  At Jones and Son where The Best is All We Have to Offer

There are NO REAL deals on Diamonds

December 5, 2007

Estate Ring

I just received a picture from a dear friend (thanks Will) on a diamond ring.  He said here is the picture of the ring it is in 18kt yellow gold and it is 2.00 carats in the diamond. The color is K and the clarity is SI2. The price is $6,000.00 Here is the problem with buying something on-line or from a so called dealer/wholesaler:

#1 What is the real color?

#2 What is the real clarity?

#3 Who is selling the ring an individual or a so called wholesaler?

#4 If it is an individual why are they selling it?

#5 (and most important) What kind of paperwork does it come with? GIA or not GIA

#6 In these demanding market conditions why are they selling it so cheap?

Lets start with the last one and take a look at the current market conditions. As of today 2.00 cts diamonds are the hottest thing going so why are they selling it so cheap? The problem, in this particular situation is that 2.00 cts Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are $12,000.00 right now and that is a sold price in a tight market.The main reason is that it is not a Round Brilliant Cut as described, it is a Old Mine Cut or Old European Cut so deduct 50% from the price.  The retail price of the item is as it should be $6,000.00.

Now for the last and final question…Is it a deal? Not particularly. It is a K color diamond as described by the seller which means that it faces up yellow and that means that it is probably a L-M-N at least. The clarity is a SI2, as disclosed by the seller, which means that it could be a I1 which is even worse.  In this case the diamond in a Round Brilliant Cut is worth $7,500.00 and in an Old Mine or European Cut (deduct 50%) and makes it worth $3,750.00, so in this case you are paying to much.  

The last question…What about the gold and side diamonds? In a used mounting these do not even play a factor, and this ring was probably described as “Vintage” this works for clothes but not for diamonds and jewelry. The term “Estate” is another term used by dealers and both of these should be properly defined as “used and unwanted”.

Last but not least we must look at the paperwork. Is it GIA or not GIA? GIA, The Gemological Institute of America is the World’s Foremost Authority in Gemology and the who’s who of lab reports. Everything else is not worth the paper that it is written on including most jewelry appraisals.

Here at Jones & Son we only sell new/unused pieces of quality and have done so for over 22 years.  It is better for us to sell quality because that is what has kept us here (in the same location) this long.  At Jones & Son we sell GIA Certified (the Best) diamonds and have since the inception of the company. Hence the tag line The Best is All We Have to Offer.

A Really BIG Proposal

November 13, 2007

Billboard Proposal

A Really BIG Proposal

Most guys go to the jewelry store, pick out the ring, take their future fiance out to dinner and pop the question.

Jonathan, a 21 year old student at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadephia did just that this past Tuesday except in a really big way. He got a limo, a top notch dinner, a Tacori ring, and that cool digital billboard on 630 in Little Rock with the words, “Brooke, will you marry me? Love, Jonathan.”

As thousands of evening commuters drove through the busy highway – Jonathan removed Brooke’s blindfold, pointed to the huge bright digital red sign just southeast of Fair Park Blvd., dropped to one knee in the stretch limo and proposed marriage.

And after a teary eyed shocked and surprised moment, she paused and said … YES.

“I had no idea,” Brooke, 21, said after being whisked to the billboard in a limousine. “I was really shocked … I just thought we were going to dinner and a movie.”

“Everybody will remember it,” said a jubilant and somewhat relieved Jonathan. “She’ll remember it, forever, and that’s what important.”

Jonathan and Brooke’s romance began about a year and a half ago when they met while attending school at Ouachita Baptist University.

To find the ring they searched the internet at and she found the ring of her dreams. The ring she selected was a beautiful Tacori platinum ring. Jonathan went to Little Rock to purchase the ring at Jones & Son Diamond & Bridal Fine Jewelry and that’s where he met one of the Jones’s .

Little did he know that when he told Jones he needed a unique way to pop the question and really ‘wow’ Brooke that he would suggest a billboard proposing marriage and his family jewelry company, Jones & Son, would take care of everything.

Tuesday’s event helped promote a service the company has launched in which men buying engagement rings can get advice and assistance from the company in how to best “pop the question.”

“(Jonathan) wanted to do something really special for her.” said Mr. Jones, of Jones & Son , “He wanted something to really ‘wow’ her.”

After the proposal they were wisked away in a stretch Cadillac limo that was provided by Paradise Carriages Limosine Service and then on to a romantic dinner at Jerry Barakat’s Blue Agave in Chenal.