How Tacori Jewelry is Created


The process involved in making each Tacori piece is an intricate combination of art and science. A tradition of craftsmanship and attention to detail culminates in the creation of a true treasure, and a fitting symbol of the beauty of your love.

After a design is created by one of Tacori’s artists, a sketch is transformed into a three-dimensional model of the ring through the use of a CAD computer program. Hours are spent perfecting the ring and reviewing every detail; the shape of the stones, the settings required to hold them and the placement of engraving or milligrain details.

This unique 3D image is then used to create a unique 3D mold. This model is used during intricate casting processes and specific firing techniques to cast the ring in platinum or gold. Did you know that 18K gold melts at 720 degrees centigrade (1328º F) and platinum melts at the massively high temperature of 1772 degrees centrigrade (3222ºF)?

After the liquified precious metal has been transformed into a unique ring, a goldsmith then takes the piece and perfects the exterior of the metal and our signature crescent details. The ring is then sent to the polishers, who add shine and lustre through hand-machine polishing.

While the goldsmiths are shaping and polishing the ring, the diamond team is hand-selecting the appropriately matched diamonds for the ring in order for them to be perfect in shape, color, clarity and proportion. Some rings require more than 100 diamonds, which will each be individually hand-set!

The ring and its accompanying diamonds are then passed to the team of diamond setters, who are each uniquely specialized in his craft. One may handle the pave-setting, another the channel-set diamonds, another the prongs.

Our hand engraving is done by the skilled engravers, after setting is completed. Scrolling or milligrain is carved by hand with small tools that gently displace the platinum or gold into the desired design without disturbing any of the set diamonds.

After the ring has been cast, polished, set and engraved, it is then sent back to quality control one more time. If it is perfect in every way and exactly what the customer ordered, it is sent back to the polishing team for a final buffing, bringing the piece to showroom quality.

At last, a beautiful ring – the perfect symbol of enduring love and commitment.

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