Jones and Son Announces Claude Thibaudeau Designer Engagement Rings Now Available!!!!

claude thibaudeau rings

About Claude Thibaudeau

The Thibaudeau family began it’s journey into the world of jewelry design in 1862, when Ulric Thibaudeau started his apprenticeship at age 15 at Hensley’s Jewelers located in Montreal, Canada. Generations of jewelry designers were born into this family and at age 12, Claude followed in his great grandfather’s footsteps becoming a designer after school, and during the summers.

At age 25, in 1983, Claude Thibaudea designed his first jewelry collection in the basement of his home. The next year, his brother Marc joined the team. They first presented to the United States market in 1992, and in 1995 were presented with the Griffe d’, a trophy for the best jewelry designer / manufacturer.

In 2002, Creation Thibaudeau was exhibited at the prestigious World Watch and Jewelry Basel in Switzerland. Family Jewelers is proud to carry the collection of this class act, top notch jewelry designer. Please call us with any questions or comments about Claude Thibaudeau designs.

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