The Soldiers Valentines Surprise!

Becca Mitchell Shows Off the Ring!

This was inspired by Major Shane Mitchell who is stationed in the 39th Infantry at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and by the way he is on his way to Iraq. He wanted to really WOW his wife of 18 years this Valentines Day. However, he was unable to be with her to do anything special. He asked his mother what he should do and she suggested a local Little Rock, Arkansas jeweler Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry. She told Jones and Son that her son wanted to buy a diamond for his wife for Valentines Day and wanted to really make her day. That’s where she met Jones. Jones assisted Major Mitchell in selecting a perfectly cut 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond set in white gold.

Then came the question Jones asked Major Mitchell, “How are you going to give it to her.” The two put their heads together and came up with a way for Mitchell to see her reaction. Together they came up with a way for Mitchell to see her reaction while not being there, so they can share in the moment together while apart. So Mitchell wrote a message and bought her Godiva chocolate to accompany the 1 Carat Diamond and he asked Jones to present it to her. Jones came up with the idea to add it to his family’s jewelry store website on the homepage for Mitchell as well as his friends and family to all share in the moment together.

Mitchell said, “It’s something she’ll remember forever and that is important to me.”Major Mitchell’s mother called up the principle of Villonia Elementary the school where Mitchell’s wife, Becca Mitchell works and he allowed Jones to show up with the diamond, the chocolate, and the message with a video camera to film the event and capture the moment forever for the entire Mitchell family.

Jones hid in a closet at the library of the elemtary school where Becca teaches and when she came in with her class walked out and presented her with the ring. Her reaction was tears of suprise and joy and it was a moment that she will remember forever. Read more @

Or read the full story on the Log Cabin Democrat @ or watch the actual video below.


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