How To Clean A Automatic-Wind Up Watch

Automatic/ Wind Up Movement

Automatic/Wind Up Watch Movement

This watch movement is obviously one of the first watch movements that was ever on the market. The wind up or Automatic movement is a favorite of collectors, enthusiasts, and true aficionados everywhere.  The movement is still used today in some higher end watches that are available on the market today. The two are similar in theory, however, the main difference is that the automatic watch has a counterweight inside that spins around when the wearer movement. This ingeniously designed movement winds up a spring, thus storing energy that inevitably fuels energy for the watch to function. The only drawback to the automatic is that this style of watch must be worn on a daily basis in order to maintain a charge. The energy of the wind up, however, is simply used as stated it is manually wound up. See Introduction to Cleaning Watches

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