How We Make the 24kt Gold Roses…A Real Gold Dipped Rose

Gold Dipped and Laquered Roses

A 24k Gold Dipped Rose begins as a living breathing rosebud. The process begins as soon as we cut the stem of a specially grown, fresh cut rose. There are only a few that are hand selected for the exceptionally exquisite quality and shape to be later dipped in our one of a kind patent pending process.  Only the best are considered-exhibiting a rich yet full petal, straight stem and shapely leaves.

These roses are handpicked and chemically treated through a 30 day lengthy yet delicate process to preserve the true essence of their natural beauty.

If the rose is laquered it is hand painted to enhance the sheer elegance of the leaves and petals.

These roses in their beauty and magnificence will last forever and are the ideal gift for Valentines Day. The 24kt Gold Valentines Day Roses are exclusively at Jones and Son Diamond and Bridal Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas, where The Best is All We Have to Offer.


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