Do’s and Don’ts of Diamond Buying

Diamonds Make sure you don’t buy a diamond without an independent grading report.

The trend in the jewelry industry is that some jewelers, who grade their own diamonds, tend to be a little more partial to their diamonds. In other words they seem to over grade their own diamonds. Over graded diamonds seem a bargain but in reality they are actually over-priced. The cool thing about independent grading reports is that they tell you the pertinent information about the diamond. The color, the clarity, actual weight, and other important characteristics about cut.

Make sure that you compare similar diamond grading reports.

When shopping for a diamond and looking at diamond grading reports make sure that you compare similar diamond grading reports. The very best diamond grading reports are GIA, AGS, and GCAL. They have the highest standards of diamond grading in the industry.

Make sure you don’t wear a diamond that is not insured.

Many things can happen to a diamond and you want to make sure that you get insurance on your most valuable investment. This can be done with a standard jewelry appraisal. At Jones & Son we offer our exclusive Comprehensive Appraisal Service to meet all our customers needs. You will not leave our store with your engagement ring without an appraisal or jewelry insurance. This is a very important part of your engagement ring purchase and a smart way of safeguarding your investment.

Don’t Buy a diamond based on its certificate perfection only.

Make sure you buy a diamond that is determined practical for what you are looking for and what you want to spend. A diamonds rarity or color, cut, clarity, and carat weight are key pricing factors. Remember that you are making a decision based on how the diamond mounts up in a mounting so make sure that the diamond is beautiful face up as well regardless of what a certificate’s color and clarity says it is. 

Don’t choose a diamond based on color and clarity only, because cut is the most important factor.

A diamonds overall quality is based on the cut and polish. 60% of a diamonds value is determined by the cut. These are the two most important aspects when selecting a quality loose diamond. Diamonds may have high color and clarity grades but have such a high rate of light leakage that the diamond has a low level of brilliance. Brilliance, fire, scintillation, and light dispersion all directly effect the final price placed on a quality diamond.

Don’t buy a diamond from any jeweler who doesn’t educate you first.

Be sure to select a store where the employees are well versed and trained in their field utilizing the knowledge of a GIA, Graduate Gemologist or Certified Gemologist titles that show the highest level of achievement in the diamond and jewelry business.

Be sure to Look for diamonds that are “Reasonably Priced”

Diamonds have a very clear cut market value and most jewelers will never sell a diamond below this value. Sometimes people come up with a diamond that is priced at an unbelievable value. Diamonds have a clear cut wholesale value and most people would not sell below wholesale to anyone. So when you find a diamond that has an unbelievable value it probably is just that unbelievable.

Getting a diamond of larger size and low quality because you can’t afford a better one.

At Jones & Son we offer easy payment plans to meet your every need and will help you establish a reasonable budget to fit your needs. A budget for you r purchase is highly recommended. Remember, a diamond engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of your love. Quality is an important aspect when choosing a diamond engagement ring and that is why at Jones & Son we offer simple payment plans to fit the needs and budget requirements of our customers.

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